Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preschoolers Learn From Former Cardinal Graduate

Cardinal preschoolers had a special visitor today, Andy Noe, from Winger.  Andy is a Cardinal graduate who attended here all his life and his two daughters attend Cardinal Preschool.  Andy learned about the recent topic being studied and he volunteered his time to come talk to the students about what he does everyday.  Winger was part of the construction project completed last summer at the elementary, so Andy was able to bring drawings from the actual construction project for the students to see.  Andy showed the students different areas on the drawings that the students would recognize like: the office, the safe room, their classroom, the bathrooms, and the library.  He counted light fixtures on the drawings with the students and then they counted the light fixtures in the classroom to see if they had the same amount.  The students had great questions lined up for him when he got here.  Here are a few:
Do you use a hammer?
How do you stay safe?
What do you build?
What materials do you use?
After his presentation, the preschoolers built buildings with Legos and made their own drawings, like the engineer's drawings they saw today.
Andy said he was happy to give back to the community that he lives in and the school that got him to where he is today.  Cardinal Elementary would like to thank Andy for volunteering his time to benefit our students' learning today.

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