Friday, September 6, 2013

Why do I love my job?

Why do I love my job?  The pictures above are just a few of the "fuzzies" that were handed out by teachers and students today at Cardinal Elementary.  My secretary, Chasity Rupe, got 15 fuzzies from staff members and students.  Some of our teachers received over 25 fuzzies!  I left for a meeting and returned to my office to find 10 stuck to my office door.  I asked the staff members to email me the number of fuzzies they received today.  At 4:00 our number was 308 and I know we have even more than that because I haven't heard back from everyone yet.  What takes the sender 2 minutes (or less) to complete, totally makes a difference in a person's day.  The students were completely engaged in this today as they were writing fuzzies and delivering them to teachers and other students.  This is just one the reasons that I love my job!  I am going home today with a warm heart! :)

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  1. I heard all about the "fuzzies" when Xavier got home from school today. What a great idea! I was so happy to hear about them. I think it is so important to teach our children the importance of kind words and actions and how they impact others. And most importantly to give them the opportunity to actually do it and see for themselves. Well done!